Innovating Healthcare

Barzilai Medical Innovation Center is designed to bring together healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, startups, and industry experts to collaborate, create, and develop breakthrough innovations to improve patient care. The center brings the education and resources they need to develop new ideas that will lead to technologies and services o advance patient care.

Our Vision

Innovation in healthcare is all about people identifying challenges and inventing solutions to improve medical service. Our vision is to form an attraction point for the best people in their respective fields, who will work together to identify and overcome challenges in healthcare and medical technology. The center integrates the worlds of high-tech, medicine, and industry with the community to create a unique environment that fosters innovation, collaboration, and development that will contribute to advancing our region deep into the twenty-first century.

Our Mission

At Barzilai Innovation Center, we strive to create an environment where medical projects can reach their full potential. Our team of experts provide guidance and support, as well as access to resources and expertise, to ensure that companies and projects have everything they need to accelerate their results and make an impact.

Innovation Partners


Barzilai Innovation Center is being launched with two Innovative Projects that will help patient safety.


Effortless Remote Care for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Barzilai Innovation Center is collaborating with NimBio, a medical technology startup developing a non-invasive inflammometer. This inflammometer will allow for effortless and remote care of patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and other chronic inflammatory diseases.

Pulmonary Diseases Home Monitoring Platform

An innovative home monitoring AI platform, enabling patients and their families as well as health-care providers to improve the management of multiple respiratory chronic diseases.

The new ZEISS ARTEVO 800 Surgical Ophthalmic Microscope

With the most advanced Surgical Ophthalmic Microscope, the Barzilai Department of Ophthalmology is elevating microsurgical interventions to yet another level.
surgery room

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Treating bone fractures

Treatment of oblique and spiral fractures is challenging, Barzilai Orthopedic Surgeons invented an novel toolkit that will change the way bone-reduction surgical treatment is done.

Smart Stamp

Patient Identification in a hospital environment is critical for ensuring patient safety and for providing effective healthcare
Tumor Diagnosis

Tumor Diagnosis

A Non-invasive Technology for Accurate Tumor Diagnosis in situ within Minutes, Based on Biomechanical Tumor Properties


Barzilai Innovation Center is a hub of medical research, collaboration and accelerator programs designed to benefit patients and the medical community alike.
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Becoming a member of the Barzilai Health Innovation Center offers unparalleled access to a vibrant ecosystem of healthcare innovation and startups, providing opportunities for collaboration, networking, and access to cutting-edge technologies, ultimately fostering accelerated growth and success in the healthcare industry.

By joining the Barzilai Health Innovation Center, individuals gain exclusive access to a dynamic community of like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors, creating a fertile ground for sharing ideas, receiving mentorship, and forging strategic partnerships that drive forward groundbreaking healthcare solutions, leading to transformative impact and improved patient outcomes.

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